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Prayer for Strength

It wasn’t until I was crushed in the middle of despair that I knew how sweet Your comfort was and how warm Your embrace. It wasn’t until my heart broke in agony that I knew how strong I was in You. But now I know and this knowledge makes my heart soar. I also know that my tears burn You and my pain makes You cry, because You want the best for me. You made me for victory, not for failure. And Your victory is love. Through love, You hold me tight and warm me and fill my heart with joy even when I’m sad.

Give me strength in the knowledge that with You I can move mountains. Give me strength in the belief that Your love is stronger than anything. Evil stands no chance against a force so great and so wonderful. When I was a kid, my mother’s arms would hold me tight and her kind hands would dry my tears. Now You are my mother and my father. To You I talk, to You I confess, to You I seek help in times of trouble. You answer me every time and every time Your answer is so special.

Give me strength in the knowledge that You are always with me, that I’m never going to go through life alone. Give me strength to know You and seek You even more. Give me strength in the awareness that, although Evil seems overwhelming at the moment, the storm won’t last forever and the sky won’t be always covered by clouds. Give me strength in the faith that Your hand keeps my candle burning and no wind can blow it off. As long as the candle is burning, my eyes can find the way and I can’t get lost.

I know, my Lord, that I am not the only one who needs strength. There are so many people in this world who are struggling in fear, pain and uncertainty. There are so many people who, right at this moment, are surfing the Internet, hoping to find a word of encouragement or a glimpse of inspiration. It is not only for me I pray, but also for them. Look at each of them individually, hold their hand and give them comfort. See their problems, see their struggles and help them find the strength to raise above them, to see beyond the 'here and now' into something deeper and more meaningful. Let each of them draw inspiration and encouragement from the very source of life and show them how great and wonderful You are.

I’m praying for all those who ask „Why?”, „Why me?”, „Why the one I love?”, „What’s the point?”, „Where are You now, when I need You most?”, „Why have You abandoned me?” Turn their questions into prayers and let their anguish cry pierce the sky. Open a new channel of communication with each of them. Build a bridge. Build a relationship. Turn their doubts into faith and their pain into victory. Soothe and comfort. Touch and heal.

Let Your love be like a warm blanket on a cold winter night, like a friendly hand on a weary shoulder, like a fresh breath of wind in a room that has had its windows shut for too long. Please, Lord, make Your presence felt in the lives of all those who need You today and give them strength by the very change Your love can bring into their own hearts.


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