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How To Be A Prayer Warrior, by Michael Heindel

A prayer warrior is an individual who is willing to prayer for others out of the goodness of their heart and with no expectations of reward or payment. Prayer warriors may not personally know the individuals they are praying for but they pray for them as if they were a beloved family member or friend. The prayer of a prayer warrior is specific to the needs of the individual in need of prayer, filled with love and compassion for the individual in need of prayer and made with complete faith that God will answer the prayer according to His divine plan.

Being a prayer warrior is not always easy but it is something that everyone has the capabilities to achieve. The requirements of a prayer warrior include understanding the importance of prayer, believing that all prayers are answered, desiring to open your heart to all of God's people and most importantly being available to pray for others each and every day. The need for prayer never ceases and prayer warriors should be willing to offer themselves in prayer at all times. The duties of a prayer warrior do not necessarily have to be time consuming but the time spent in prayer for others should be a time of sincerity and earnestness. It should also be time that is devoid of other thoughts and obligations.

Advantages of Being a Prayer Warrior

While prayer warriors are truly selfless individuals who desire to offer their prayer for the good of others, there are distinct advantages to being a prayer warrior. Spiritual growth is the most significant advantage to being a prayer warrior. In daily prayer for others with no expectations of reward, the prayer warrior grows spiritually in several ways. The first aspect of spiritual growth that comes from service as a prayer warrior includes learning how to pray effectively. Like everything in life, prayer takes practice. As prayer warriors become more experienced they learn to open their hearts and connect with God in new ways. Another aspect of spiritual growth that results from service as a prayer warrior is a heightened inner peace. Praying for others can be just as spiritually rewarding as offering prayers of thanksgiving. Finally, helping others is an enlivening feeling that is difficult to achieve in other ways.

About the Author

Michael Heindel is the owner of PrayerRequestBox.com, a website for posting prayer requests and for praying for those in need.

Prayer for Our Loved Ones

My Lord Jesus, you taught us that faith can move mountains. You also taught us that we should only ask and we will be given. While you were here on Earth, you cured ailments and diseases the doctors had given up on and you raised people from the dead. You taught us the power of prayer and belief and that we should pray with confidence, as if we've already received the thing we are asking for.

To you, Master, I turn today, with my heart full of hope and confidence, knowing that no prayer will return from you unanswered and no request unresolved. Also knowing that all things work for our good and that you always choose what is right for us. In your name I pray to the Father of all, Creator of the Universe, and cry in the middle of the night: Father, watch over the ones I love! You know the depth of each one of them and you love them all with a love as fresh as roses and as unchanged as eternity. Never walk away from them. Never leave them struggle alone. Be their friend and comforter and let them feel with every fibre of their being that they are loved and cared for.

Our life is in your hands. I entrust their lives to you. I entrust you all their thoughts, all their worries and concerns. Guide them on the way. Lead their steps and help them always take the right decisions. Be strong in them, so that they may be strong in you. Surround them with your love like with a warm blanket, so that they may never feel cold, deserted or neglected. Help them grow and bring good fruit, enrich them spiritually, so that they can find the power to handle all unexpected or undesired situations.

Bring the right people in their way, so that they can get the help and support they need. Forgive them when they make mistakes and bring them home when they go astray. Let them experiment your love and goodness in every aspect of their lives, in every possible way. For you are the father of those whom I'm praying for today and I know that as long as you remain by their side, nothing bad can happen to them. Work in their lives, so that your name may be glorified in each and every one of them. AMEN

Mother Teresa Quotes

Words that touch the heart and enlighten the mind. Words that speak of a life dedicated to loving and caring beyond any human boundaries. Words of wisdom and of a faith that defies reason.

Rather than reading these quotes as separate statements, read them as a whole, as the creed of a lifetime, the testament of a beautiful soul for the generations to come.

''Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.''
Mother Teresa

''God doesn't require us to succeed; he only requires that you try.''
Mother Teresa

''We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.''
Mother Teresa

''Bring love into your home for this is where our love for each other must start. ''
Mother Teresa

''Jesus said love one another. He didn't say love the whole world.''
Mother Teresa

''If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one.''
Mother Teresa

''Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.''
Mother Teresa

''If you judge people, you have no time to love them.''
Mother Teresa

''Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.''
Mother Teresa

''Be the living expression of God's kindness.''
Mother Teresa

''Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.''
Mother Teresa

''Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.''
Mother Teresa

''Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.''
Mother Teresa

''We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.''
Mother Teresa

''The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted.''
Mother Teresa

''The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.''
Mother Teresa

''One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody.''
Mother Teresa

''Loneliness is the most terrible poverty.''
Mother Teresa

''Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.''
Mother Teresa

''Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.''
Mother Teresa

''I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love.''
Mother Teresa

''I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.''
Mother Teresa

''I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much.''
Mother Teresa

Prayer Requests

Stephanie: Please pray that my husband comes back to me. He recently filed for divorce and is with another woman. Please pray that this woman leave his life. Pease pray that he doesn't hate me and has forgiven me of any wrong doings I may have done to cause him to leave me. I still love him. I'm praying for a miracle that he comes back to me.

Dawn: Please pray for my son Kyle, who is only 21 and suffers from anxiety and self destructive behaviours of drug and alcohol abuse. Although he wants to do the right things, he lapses and is unstable. Please ask the Lord to heal him and give him strength so that we may have peace and harmony in our home.

Roger Harnden: My wife and I are going through really difficult financial problems in that both our business's are failing to supply our needs (rent, food etc.) I have applied for a job and informed that my application was approved and advised that I have the job but they can not confirm the start date. Each month the hole of debt is getting bigger. I ask you to pray that this job comes through so that I can go out and work to cover the bills and take the financial pressure off the business. I prayed to our Abba Father - even wrote a letter in my bible asking the Lord to help me find a job which would allow me to keep my business while working for the company, praise the lord a few weeks later I received a phone call to come for the interview, they have no problem with me keeping my business while working for them, this is the same company who has confirmed that I have the job but have not confirmed the start date. Please fellow christians pray for us and the company that the company can start their expansion and I can start working for them taking financial pressure off the business and try and start to re-build. Praise the Lord, for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoseever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life, Amen

Jugmeet: God, I want permanent residency in Australia. One and half year passed i left my son in my home country. Every night I am crying. I can't go back because I had taken a big amount when I came. Please, help me, otherwise I want to die.

Marike: I am very unhappy in my current job. It is a place where I do get the chance to use my abilities and gifts as a designer. But I am not where I am suppose to be. I surrender my life, my gifts and talents to You. I want to be in Your perfect will to do exactly what You want me to do. I want people to see You working in my life and not myself. My Lord, please put me in the place where I can do your Good works to Glorify Your name.

Iris: Please pray that God will heal my gums and teeth, they are hurting. Please pray that my boyfriend will step out on faith and ask me to marry him. He has been hurt many times and he is thinking that I may do the same, and God knows that I would never. Please pray that God will continue to get me out of debt. Pray that our Centers her at work will thrive and that there will not be any layoffs, in Jesus name. Thank you so much for praying for us. Merry Christmas.

Myrna: Please pray for me and my daughter Jennifer, that the Lord give us the strenghth to overcome all our trials and to always love God more, but most of all we need peace in our hearts and home... I have a man that I have lived with for 21 yrs, everything is not lovely but i have tried my best, the only beautiful thing that came out of this relationship was my 18yr. old son. This man verbally abuses me, especially when I'm praying. All I ask is for u to please pray that i can find a job, so that I can leave him and find peace, because it's affecting me and my son how he humiliates me. Thank u so much. God Bless U All

Pat: Charlotte is going through extreme emotional stress and depression. That God will counsel Charlotte and give her Inner Peace and remove this burden from her. That God will heal Charlotte and give her Peace and calm to protector her from any and all harm. Also that Charlotte and I will strenthen our relationship. And that God will guide myself and Charlotte to do His will. That Charlotte and I will happily marry with His Blessing to do his work for life.

Kara: Please pray for my cousin Austin. He is lost up on the mountain right now and it is dark and cold. They have radio contact with him but there is a storm coming, they are expecting 2 feet of new snow tonight. Please pray that he stay safe and warm through the night and that they find him soon. Pray that God give him the strength to make it through this night and that God and his Angels be with him protecting him through this ordeal. Thank you, your prayers are appreciated. 

Sarah: Please pray with me for the salvation of a man named Bill, and for those in his family who don’t know Jesus, or how much He truly loves them. I am not in a position to witness to this man personally, but 2 Christians (one being someone who Bill knows) have been contacted to this regard. Please ask the Lord to extend His spirit to facilitate and lead a conversational witness through these men, and by way of anyone else whom He may choose. Please ask God to extend His grace toward Bill, doing everything needed to chase him, lift the veil from his eyes, bring conviction to his heart and show him his need for a Savior. Like us all, Bill has made some mistakes, and has unfortunately had some tragic things to happen in his life. He and his family need knowledge about God's love, His grace, His glory, His offer of forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and protection--especially now because at this time Bill is in danger of influence by unbelievers (who also need prayer) whose worldly beliefs stand in opposition to God's word. Please ask the Lord to surround Bill with believers who can minister to him, and that He may use the challenges Bill has endured to further the kingdom and lead him to salvation; then, that others will see and also be pointed to Christ by what God does in Bill's life. I thank you sincerely, for your prayers and time.

Shana: Please pray for me. I have been battling many demons. I have a self infliction problem. I cut myself constantly to release emotional pain. I am 26 yrs old and I have two daughters (2&4). Their father is currently incarcerated and will be for the next year and half to two years. I have been financially stressed and i know my babies feel my pain. I don't want my disorder to affect my kids. I am scared that if I seek professional help, I may be forced to stay at a mental institution and lose my daughters. Please help!
Vic: Please pray for strength and hope and that the Lord will guide me in the path that He has chosen for me. Pray for my relationship, that the girl i love before all else loves me in return as much as i love her.
I too have lost my job through retrenchment and i am on the verge of suicide. Please pray that the Lord will bless me with a position that is better than the one i lost according to His will. I have hurt too many people in this life and at the moment i have no direction and no desire to get up in the morning to face another day of job hunting with all the rejection that goes with it. So therefore i humbly ask that a prayer be said for me to re discover the faith that the Lord wants me to have.

David: Please pray for God to bless me with a wonderful job of His choice. I lost my former job through retrenchment. I have a family which I should provide for. Thanks

Sara: Please pray for me to stay strong and give me faith in you lord, as my faith is doubted at the moment.

My gran died over a year ago, and i recently have moved into her house that she left to me and my children, my two children are also living in her old house.I have been so busy since she died, with dealing with her funeral and having a college course to do administration and having to gutter the house im now living in that loosing my gran has not hit me badly untill today.

Today i realised that i have been focusing in a carear so badly to maintain the house that my gran left as so if she could look down on me she would be proud that i have decorated and worked hard on it so my children would ejoy in it. But i have been woundering as the house is so peacefull and calm that almost no shred of evidence almost that my gran had ever exicsted and i keep wishing her to be home with me and my grandfather as they both brought me up.

But i feel that i will never see them again and that really frightens me and i feel like i wish i was dead, but then i think i cant do anything like that because my children need me and i love them so much. Ihave a horse that i deeply love too and he is lame, he has kept me going by his unconditonal love and i pray that he shall be ok and that his lameness will go away and he will not be in pain anymore.

I have a job interview tomorrow and i really hope i have some luck soon either a job or part time studing in college as if i am not busy i know i will become so upset of the lost of my gran and that this house will just make me feel worst as my mind will be constantly be on my gran and wishing her back. i keep asking but what if i never see my gran and then i really panick inside.

I also have no boyfriend, i would love to find love again in a relationship, i have been feeling very unloved lately. I think of how i use to feel when i was in love before and I just cant see me ever being with somebody ever again.

Please prayer for me to stay strong and to keep my faith and i would like to prayer for my children to keep them from any harms way and for my love to shine through to them and keep them strong especially over the xmas period as my daughter nadia was especially close to my gran and i dont want my daughter ever to feel as low as what im starting to feel, also prayer for my horse lad, to get better and to heal him of his lameness and for me to find my soul mate and to be complete. I just want this emptyness feeling to go and fill it with love instead,


Thank you for helping me pray,

Wanda: I have two adult children who know about God since they were brought up in a Christian home. They have chosen to walk away from their faith. I ask for prayer that God will show them His great love and that they will seek the blood of Jesus to wash them of their sins. I feel great urgency right now as a mother. Please pray for them.

N: Praise the Lord!

I'm a born-again believer of Lord Christ. Got married Just 3 months back after 10 long years of prayer but... My husband and I have been having major marital problems and we are now on the verge of breaking up. After marriage I came to know that He has got all bad habits and beats me everyday. I came out from My husband as he is putting lot of false and base-less allegations on my behaviour and character. He has cheated me by having illegal relatioship with other women before marriage with me and in the process of marrying her... Everyone of my well-wishers,church members suggest that I end this relationship. Pls do pray for me as he is creating lot of legal problems in giving Divorce from his end now,though initially he wants to divorce me.  Let Lord guide me in this matter.

Kindly pray for me in relation to my marriage as the case is in court now. We also need a financial blessing. I am now weary and fed up and frustrated. I need divine intervention. Thanks for your prayers as I wait in faith.

Yours sister in Christ..

Kevin: I have just gone through a deep and painful place in my life which inlcuded some really painful emotions from a past divorce and a past rejection, that seemed like a box with all kinds of springs in it. I eventually opened the box so to speak and realized it was empty all along but in the process I have deeply hurt two people, I feel as though I have lost all my integrity and only God knows how to put me back together. Please pray that God will give me peace as he rebuilds me and that as it says in Job that When he's tried me, I will come forth like Gold.

Mindy Aki: Please pray for me to find work with God's help as I go through these terrible times. Please also pray for my husband for his job to be blessed, protected and saved during these trying times.

Denise: Please pray for the Wood family who has gone through many difficult times, also Poppy, the family dog, who has been very poorly. Thank you. 

Jayakabra: Please pray for me. I'm broken , dreams didn't get fulfilled ... i'm dying slowly and slowly .. I wanted to study further and wanted to do work, as these days i'm doing nothing .. at home only from 3 yrs. I have wasted my valuable time . What 2 do?? Please pray 4 me ... 4 my dreams. Yhank u. God bless all. Amen. And forgive as u said.

John: Please pray for me. I need a job in Aviation/aerospace industry. I am a fresh graduate and lack experience, which makes it difficult for my entry to any company. Please pray that any of the company\'s that I have posted my CV might notice it and respond. It's going to be two months that I am waiting and no interview till date. Also, pray that God might give me good hope and comfort while I am forced to wait. Thank you for offering this service, I will also remember this organization in my prayers. God bless.

Michael: I have an urgent prayer request.

I am a missionary of evangelism, intercession and church planting. I have been able to reach an island of one million in Asia in fifteen years.

My daughter, Micah Bailey says “Souls are her passion”. She is 24 and desires to be a pilot missionary. She is working for the money to get all of her training.

I have been invited to go to different countries and I need to hear from God as to which one. This is very important.

I have a friend named Jim Brouse, whom I have been praying for around ten years. He has a business deal that has closed and the ships have sailed. He needs to receive payment. I would ask that you pray for this business deal and for him to receive this payment. This will be a great advance for the Kingdom of God. This is for billions of dollars.

Thank you very much for your time and your prayers.
P. Michael Bailey

Eliza: Thank you for all your prayers. My surgery went well and I'm recovering quickly.

Johny: Please pray for the success of our office building construction . This is a government work. Please pray so that there is no hindrance and liability issues. Please pray so that the building is safe and long lasting. We work for it sincerely.

Jeffrey: Please Pray that Jesus will protect Mrs. Nishrin and her seven year old son Hyder Ali, and deliver them from all the powers and bondages of the Devil.

Trey: Please pray for my getting accepted to USC.

Jennifer: Please pray for Jennifer, she is going through hard times, she has 2 children. Pleases pray that the city approves her application. Due to a domestic violence that she went through she had to leave her apartment to another and she needs help to paid part of her rent because it's 900.00. She is a caring person always helping others and now there's nobody there for her but God. Thank u so much.

Eliza: Please pray for all the people who live in fear and anxiety.

Eliza: Please pray for me, as I'm having a surgery next Friday (24 July) and I feel very apprehensive about it.

Prayer for Peace and Wisdom

prayer for wisdom

 Dear God, our Friend, our Father. Fulfill the work you've started in our lives. Work in our church. Heal old wounds and remove old adversities. Bring us closer together and make us realize that you are one and that we're all one in your name. Help us overcome our earthly nature that longs for power and recognition. Make us never forget that our important work here on earth is to be messengers of your goodness and to reflect your love in everything we say and do.

So many times we act like children, letting our feelings and desires overcome our reason. So many times we let minor issues blind our faith and darken our perspective. Help our spirit grow and make our faith stronger, so that we can fulfill the work you've entrusted us. There are so many people around us who need our love and support; so many lives that have no direction; so many souls that are like sheep without a shepherd. Help us bring the breeze of hope and comfort into each and every one of them. Make us wake up and realize that our life is too short to waste it in pointless arguments and selfish battles; that our mission is too big and important to treat it lightly or ignore it for our vain ambitions.

You put us here to be a light in the darkness, to offer help and guidance to those who need them. Help us use all our resources for the good of our neighbours and the glory of your name. Bring peace in our hearts, so that we can share it to others. Teach us your wisdom, so that we can teach it to others. Change us with your love, so that we can change those around us. Be our friend and comforter, so that we, in our turn, can learn to be true friends and comforters. Strenghten our faith, so that we can help others grow in their faith. Touch us in every possible way, so that we can make a difference. For you are the sense of our lives and the meaning of our existence, help us live in accordance with your will. Amen

Happy Easter

May God bless you all who celebrate Easter today and bring His holy light into your lives and souls.

Quotes by Harry Emerson Fosdick

"For religion is something more than all the creeds that have endeavoured to express its thought. Religion is something more than all the organizations that have tried to incarnate its purposes. Religion is the human spirit, by the grace of God, seeking and finding an interpretation of experience that puts sense and worth, dignity, elevation, joy, and hope into life."

"To exist is one thing; to live is another. Existence is comprised of the bare facts of life alone--the universe in which we live, our heritage and birth, our desires and their satisfactions, growth, age and death. All the facts that science can display before us comprise existence. But life is something more. Life is existence clothed in spiritual meanings; existence seen with a worthy purpose at the heart of it and hope ahead, existence informed by the spirit's insights and understandings, transfigured and glorified by the spirit's faiths and hopes. It follows, therefore, that while existence is given us to start with, life is a spiritual achievement. A man must take the facts of his existence whether he wants to or not, but he makes his life by the activity of his soul."

"He [Jesus] has become to us in this, our inner need, what the luminous phrase of the Book of Job describes, "An interpreter, one among a thousand." And in spite of all our immediate expectancy, born out of our scientific control of life, mankind never needed that service more than now."

"Man's deepest need is spiritual power, and spiritual power comes out of the soul's deep fellowships with the living God."

"For the supreme moral asset in any man's life is not his aggressiveness nor his pugnacity, but his capacity to be inspired--to be inspired by great books, great music, by love and friendship; to be inspired by great faiths, great hopes, great ideals; to be inspired supremely by the Spirit of God. For so we are lifted until the things we tried to see and could not we now can see because of the altitude at which we stand, and the things we tried to do and could not we now can do because of the fellowship in which we live. "

"Spiritual transformation is infinitely various because it is so infinitely vital; but behind all the special forms of experience stands the colossal fact that men can be transformed by the Spirit of God."

"We do not passively submit to God's will; we actively assert it."

"God's righteousness is interpreted, not in terms of justice only, but of compassionate, sacrificial love; his Fatherhood embraces not only all mankind but each individual, lifting him out of obscurity in the mass into infinite worthfulness and hope. And more than this development of idea, the New Testament gives us a new picture of God in the personality of Jesus, and we see the light of the knowledge of God's glory in his face."

"Religion is the most intimate, inward, incommunicable fellowship of the human soul. "

"You never know God at all until you know him for yourself. The only God you ever will know is the God you do know for yourself."

"Christianity in the beginning was an intensely personal experience."

"For Christianity is not a creed, nor an organization, nor a ritual. These are important but they are secondary. They are the leaves, not the roots; they are the wires, not the message. Christianity itself is a life."

"Take the personality of Jesus out of Christian history and what you have left is chaos."

"Creation has never said its last word on any subject or landed its last hammer blow on any task. "

"The centuries are sick with a god made in man's image, and all the time the real God has been saying, 'Thou thoughtest that I was altogether such a one as thyself.'"

"Let a man once begin with God as the universal spiritual Presence and then go on to see the divine quality of that Presence revealed in Christ, and there is no limit to the deepening and heightening of his estimation of God's character, except the limits of his own moral imagination."

"The achievement of a worthy idea of God involves, therefore, the ability to discover God in all life, outside the Church as well as within, and in people who do not believe in him nor recognize him as well as in those who do."

"We are tempted to look for God's activity chiefly, if not altogether, inside the organization that avows him. But that cannot be true. He comes in like the sun through every chink and crevice where he can find a way of entrance. He does not wait to be welcomed. He does not insist on being consciously recognized before he enters a man's life. Rather, through any door or window left unwittingly ajar where he may steal in, even though unobserved, to lift and liberate a life, there the God of the New Testament will come--'the light which lighteth every man coming into the world.'"

" There is a flame in the center of your heart which you cannot put out. If there were no God it would be easier to disbelieve in him than it is. You cannot get rid of him because the best in you is God in you. "

"In a world which out of lowly beginnings has climbed so far and seems intended to go on to heights unimagined, God is our hope and in his name we will set up our banners."

What Christ has done for us

Jesus Christ: he has given us the most glorious interpretation of life's meaning that the sons of men have ever had. The fatherhood of God, the friendship of the Spirit, the sovereignty of righteousness, the law of love, the glory of service, the coming of the Kingdom, the eternal hope--there never was an interpretation of life to compare with that. If life often looks as though his interpretation were too good to be true, we need not be surprised. Few things in the universe are as superficially they look. The earth looks flat and, as long as we gaze on it, it never will look any other way, but it is spherical for all that. The earth looks stationary and if we live to be as old as Methuselah we never will see it move, but it is moving--seventy-five times faster than a cannon ball! The sun looks as though it rose in the east and set in the west, and we never can make it look any other way, but it does not rise nor set at all. So far as this earth is concerned, the sun is standing still enough. We look as though we walked with our heads up and our feet down, and we never can make ourselves look otherwise, but someone finding a safe stance outside this whirling sphere would see us half the time walking with our heads down and our feet up. Few things are ever the way they look, and the end of all scientific research, as of all spiritual insight, is to get behind the way things look to the way things are. Walter Pater has a rememberable phrase, "the hiddenness of perfect things." One meaning, therefore, which Christ has for Christians lies in the realm of spiritual interpretation. He has done for us there what Copernicus and Galileo did in astronomy: he has moved us out from our flat earth into his meaningful universe, full of moral worth and hope.

From Christianity and Progress, by Harry Emerson Fosdick

Prayer for Spiritual Healing

My Lord, there are so many unsaid prayers in my heart. But you can hear beyond words and understand beyond phrases. You can read our most intimate thoughts and see our deepest fears and desires. Let us not be overwhelmed by them. Let us not be tormented by the things we cannot put into words. Look beyond the surface and heal our hidden wounds. For you alone have unconstrained access to those places. You understand the cause and the effect and the source of all our problems and concerns. Clear the dark corners of our being and bring sunshine into each and every one of them.


Prayer for Comfort and Guidance

My Lord, look at me from your divine sky and search my heart. See if there is any wrong in me and cure me. My soul longs for you and my being is thirsty for your living water. Bring comfort and hope into my life. Teach me your holy will, light the path in front of me, so that i know which way to go. There are so many times I stumble on this road, catch me and don't let me fall. Hold me in your arms like a loving father. Let the warmth of your love keep me warm in the cold winter nights like a cosy fluffy coat. When I feel lonely and scared, comfort me with loving words like a mother comforts her child. Pour into me the courage and the strength to go on through this life and make the best of it in spite of all the hardships and the adversities. Let me live my life in accordance with your will, so that I have no regrets at the end.


A Prospect of Heaven

By C. M. Watts

There is a land of pure delight,
Where saints immortal reign;
Eternal day excludes the night,
And pleasures banish pain.

There everlasting spring abides,
And never-withering flowers:
Death, like a narrow sea, divides
This heavenly land from ours.

Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood
Stand dressed in living green:
So to the Jews old Canaan stood,
And Jordan rolled between.

O could we make our doubts remove,--
Those gloomy doubts that rise,--
And see the Canaan that we love
With unbeclouded eyes.

Could we but climb where Moses stood,
And view the landscape o'er,--
Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold flood,
Should fright us from the shore.

Taken from Hymns for Christian Devotion, by J.G. Adams and E.H. Chapin

Prayers for Children (and not only)

Jesus, help my eyes to see
All the good Thou sendest me.
Jesus, help my ears to hear
Calls for help from far and near.
Jesus, help my feet to go
In the way that Thou wilt show.
Jesus, help my hands to do
All things loving, kind, and true.
Jesus, may I helpful be,
Growing every day like Thee. Amen.

Now I awake and see the light;
Lord, Thou hast kept me through the night.
To Thee I lift my voice and pray
That Thou wilt keep me through the day.
If I should die before 'tis done,
O God, accept me through Thy Son! Amen.

At the close of every day,
Lord, to Thee I kneel and pray.
Look upon Thy little child,
Look in love and mercy mild.
O forgive and wash away
All my naughtiness this day,
And both when I sleep and wake
Bless me for my Savior's sake. Amen.

O Thou, from whom all blessings flow,
I lift my heart to Thee;
In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes,
Dear Lord, remember me. Amen.

Lord, gracious God, I cry to Thee,
Still bless me with Thy favor,
Forgive my sins, and let me live,
Thy child remain forever.

Thou hast redeemed me with Thy blood,
Thou art my only Trust and God
In every need, my Savior. Amen.

Almighty God, Thy Word is cast
Like seed into the ground;
Now let the dew of heaven descend
And righteous fruits abound. Amen.

My God, accept my heart this day
And make it always Thine,
That I from Thee no more may stray,
No more from Thee decline.

Anoint me with Thy heavenly grace,
Adopt me for Thine own,
That I may see Thy glorious face
And worship at Thy throne.

Let every thought and work and word
To Thee be ever given;
Then life shall be Thy service, Lord,
And death the gate of heaven. Amen.

Dismiss us with Thy blessing, Lord;
Help us to feed upon Thy Word;
All that has been amiss forgive
And let Thy truth within us live. Amen.

Taken from the collection "Little Folded Hands - Prayers for Children"

Teach Me How to Live

My Lord, teach me how to live. Teach me to be less self-centered and to do more for others. Never let me forget your kindness to me. Never abandon me, never let go of me, never let my sins drive you away. You have lit the path in front of me, keep my candle burning. Help me do the right thing and say the right words in every circumstance. When I'm scared, hold my hand. When I'm weak, fill me with strength. When I'm down, come near me and lift me up. When i feel hope is gone, remind me of your kindness that has never left me. Remind me that everything works for my good and that the results will show in the end.

The end of the story
will reveal your glory,
for the end is only a beginning.


Prayer for Strength, Hope and Faith

Lord, teach me to pray again. I have drifted away from you. Bring me back like the good shepherd brings his lost sheep. Teach me to trust in you completely and to surrender my life to you. Never let me worry about anything, for you are the answer to all my worries and my refuge in times of trouble.

You brought me where I am in spite of my many weaknesses and mistakes, you gave my life a meaning and you set my steps on this path of love and devotion. Help me be strong and face whatever challenges the future might bring. When I'm too tired, give me strength to carry on. When hope is gone, bring it back with your power. Keep the candle burning for me, so that I may never get lost on the way.

For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever.


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Prayer of Thanks

My Lord, I come before you tonight to thank you for all the wonderful things you've done in my life, for all the miracles you made and all the joy you gave me. My heart is overwhelmed and my spirit full of happiness, for you have brought me out of darkness and lit the path in front of me. You kept my candle burning in times of trouble and torment and saw me towards a peaceful shore. When i stumbled and I was about to fall, you caught me in your arms and kept me on my way. You never let me lose myself or be swallowed by the angry waves of the world. Blessed be your name for your infinite wisdom and your never-ending kindness.


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