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Prayer for Overcoming Temptations

Lord God, you know the temptations I'm facing. You know how they weaken my will, distress my heart and wound my conscience. For my temptations make me so painfully aware of my own weakness that sometimes I find it difficult even to come before you in prayer, knowing how unworthy I am of your goodness.

But you are a God of love and forgiveness, a God of strength and hope, and our faith in you is our rock in times of trials. That's why I lift my eyes to you and I pray with David: "From the end of the earth will I cry to you, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I."

Though the waves of temptation threaten to overwhelm me, bear with me, faithful God, strengthen my heart and sharpen my will until the storm passes and the sea is calm again. And even if I stumble on the way, do not let me fall, but stay by my side until all my stumbling blocks are torn to pieces and I can find peace in my soul again.

Just like you were with your son Jesus in the wilderness, be with me in this trial and use this temptation for my growth. You have the power to turn even evil into good. It's not in my own strength, but in yours I trust, my Lord. This is your battle, not mine. Fight it for me and let me rejoice in your victory.


Prayer in time of Depression, Doubts and Confusion

Father God, in this world of conflict and confusion, my mind is torn apart by questions and doubts that steal my sleep at night and rob me of my peace during the day. But you are my light, the One who lights my flickering candle and keeps it burning. You know all the darkest corners of my soul, the things I try to hide even from myself, and you love me as I am. The stench of my sins did not drive you away from me, but you filled my heart with a strong desire to be healed and a deep longing for you. 

That's why I come before you today and I pray with all my heart: show me the way out of this labyrinth, don't let go of my hand, so that even if I walk through a dark tunnel, I can still feel the warm touch of your hand guiding me. You are the light that gave light to my eyes, the love that gave love to my soul. In you I lack nothing, in you nothing can harm me, in you my victory is complete. Bring me to you and keep me by your heart.

Father, I know I am weak. My weakness is my pain and my torment. I can feel it every day, it's like a poison coming from inside and I am so weary of fighting it. But I am yours and that is my only consolation, the thought that gives me rest and strength to carry on. I am yours and to you I pray: Father, take care of what is yours. Take this burden off my shoulders, don't let me carry it alone.

I have put my soul in your hands, keep it safe. Release me from the grip of my own mind, protect me from my own destructive thoughts. I cannot do it without your help. You have walked this way of thorns yourself and you have carried the cross until the end. Help me do the same and never forsake me. You alone know what lies ahead. Remain in me, so that I can overcome the world and taste the joy you have prepared for your beloved.

In the name of our beloved Jesus Christ.


Prayer for Guidance and Meaning

My Lord, to you we surrender our souls and everything we've got, guide us safely to a place where love casts out all fear. Fulfill your work in us and bring your kingdom in our hearts. Stir us and awaken us from our deep sleep and help us remember who we really are. I do not ask you to take away every pain and worry in our lives, but to show us their meaning and with every new meaning, to help us love you even more. I do not ask you to grant us our every wish, but to bring us to a point when our wishes coincide with your will. Keep our candle burning in any weather and never let us forget what a great treasure we have in you. Amen

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