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21 Books of Bible Crossword Puzzles

Bible crossword puzzles are a good way to become more familiar with the Bible and improve the knowledge you've already got, while keeping your brain active and fulfilling your need for entertainment at the same time. This list contains 21 books of biblical crossword puzzles you will definetely enjoy solving. They are suitable for both children and adults, and can be used in learning activities, social challenges and competitions, Bible quizzes, etc. If you are both a dedicated Christian and a passionate crossword puzzle solver, you might find something here to keep you happy for a long time.

1. Bible Puzzles: Crosswords

2. The Big Book of Bible Puzzles (Big Book Series)

3. World's Greatest Bible Puzzles - Women (The World's Greatest Bible Puzzles)

4. World's Greatest Bible Puzzles - Stories (The World's Greatest Bible Puzzles)

5. World's Greatest Bible Puzzles - Men

6. Bible Crossword Puzzles: 200 Crossword Puzzles to Enhance Your Bible Knowledge



9. Bible Crossword Puzzles

10. Bible Puzzles: Crosswords

11. Classic Bible Crossword Puzzles

12. Fun With Scripture: Lectionary Word Searches & Bible Crossword Puzzles


14. Bible Crossword Puzzles Daily Planner-1997 Calendar

15. Crossword Puzzles Bible Characters from the Old Testament (Puzzle Books)

16. The Complete Book of Bible Trivia Crossword Puzzles

17. Itty-Bitty Bible Verse Crossword Puzzles (Itt-Bitty Bible Activity)

18. Criss Cross Your Way Through the Bible: 40 Bible Crossword Puzzles for Kids (Little Library)

19. Chapter & Verse Crosswords and Other Puzzles

20. Bible Crossword Challenge: Big Print Bible Puzzles #23

21. Bible Quotations Crossword Puzzles

5 Things That Make This Moment Unique

Have you ever wondered what makes a moment unique? What makes it different from all the other moments? Moments have a short life, they come and go, being replaced by others. But as you learn to cherish their magic, you realize that, rather than being just one among many, each moment is special and has a life of its own. Here are five tricks that can help you.

1. Look at your watch. What's the time when you're reading this? It's 7:13 PM GMT when I'm writing it. What's the date today? Probably my date is different from yours. (We share different moments and yet somehow it feels like sharing the same. We've already crossed the barriers of time.) So look at your watch and think of the current date. Now consider this: it's a combination that occurs for the first and the last time in history. And you are the witness of it. It is your combination. Your special moment.

2. Have a look around you. Where are you? What can you see? Probably a place you're familiar with. But this place has never existed in the presence of this time combination before. It is a brand new place. Your own very special place. Different from all the other places in the universe. Unique. Just like you. Can you feel the magic of “here and now”?

3. The third element that comes into the equation is… YOU. You make this “here and now” unique. If Time and Space had been enough, God wouldn't have created Man. You make this “here and now” so special. Think of what would happen to this time and space combination if you were somewhere else right now. It would die. You make it live. By being here now. By being who you are. And last but not least, by being aware of it...

4. Coming back to space now… When you looked around you, all you saw was what your eyes allowed you to see. But your knowledge and experience tell you there's much more than that. What you can see is the smallest of the concentric circles. Your mind can draw the other ones. A room. A building. A street. A city (or maybe a town, or a village). A state, a county. A country. A continent. The Earth. The Milky Way. The Universe. Maybe there are more, but we don't know them all. Now make the return journey, starting from the biggest concentric circle towards the centre of the smallest one. Can you visualize where you are? You're part of something great, something magic, something extraordinary. Think of all the other things that are happening right now in the other parts of the world. Of all the computers that are turned on. Of all the languages that are spoken. Of all the planes that are taking off or landing right now. Of all the people who are eating, or sneezing, or making love. Of all the babies who are born. Of all the people who are dying in accidents or on a hospital bed. Right this moment. Think of all the stars and the black holes in the universe. Of all the planets that are light years away from us. And think of you having the chance to live this moment, to be a part of all this, here and now.

5. To this combination of elements, you can add countless others. The more elements, the more magic. It could be the sun shining through your window. Or the sound of the rain. Or you biting your lip. It could be a fly on your monitor. Your nose itching. A thought that has just crossed your mind. A memory. The fragment of a song that's playing on your CD-player. A film promo on TV. Your cat playing with a toy mouse. The smell of your girlfriend's perfume. They are all so precious. Because they all have something in common: they belong to this unique moment in history. Your own very special moment.

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