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Prayer for Strength, Hope and Faith

Lord, teach me to pray again. I have drifted away from you. Bring me back like the good shepherd brings his lost sheep. Teach me to trust in you completely and to surrender my life to you. Never let me worry about anything, for you are the answer to all my worries and my refuge in times of trouble.

You brought me where I am in spite of my many weaknesses and mistakes, you gave my life a meaning and you set my steps on this path of love and devotion. Help me be strong and face whatever challenges the future might bring. When I'm too tired, give me strength to carry on. When hope is gone, bring it back with your power. Keep the candle burning for me, so that I may never get lost on the way.

For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever.


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Dee said...

Thx for the prayer! I Appreciate it, may God continue to bless you. :)

Sesshoumaru27 said...

Thank you lord, amen

I really need this prayer

Anonymous said...

A former student of mine is under severe medical distress, and I used your prayer as a framework to leave a message for this family who is great need of strenth and hope. Their faith is strong, but I fear their child's illness is wearing them all down. Thank you for the beautiful prayer.

Honiebloom said...

Beautiful prayers. I say Amen to that.

Absolom said...

Am stronger now and i am optimistic of a better future. thank u Jesus and thanx for this prayer.

Absolom said...

I needed strength, and that i have got.

sonny joe said...

thanks for ur prayer.needed to turn my mind to the importance of faith.i'll try to stay gratefull sonny joe

Anonymous said...

God is good!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lord from the dirt under my feet to the stars above. Amen KJ

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me that God is in charge, and its on his time. Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Need strength in this rough moments me and my family are going through believing in you is my only cure,

Anonymous said...

Your prayer is so awesome, and beautiful...thank you, for sharing it. I'm beliving that its gonna go forth and change lives. Thumbs up! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord Jesus, Mother Mary and all my family's departed souls for helping me find this prayer and for giving me strength through God.

Anonymous said...

Lord thank u n thank the person who wrote this prayer ... Please lord help charles to get out of this situation , give him the faith that he needs he needs now please my lord help u ... I trust that u will make everythink ok love you my lord

Corshia Williams said...

Thank you so much lord I needed this it's very hard for me I'm trying find work a place it's been a very long road for me please lord watch over me and my kids thank you

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