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Prayer for becoming an answer to a prayer

Lord God, enable us to pray in a way that is pleasing to you. Not only by speaking, but also by listening. Not only by making demands, but also by opening our hearts to what you demand from us. Not only by asking for answers, but also by offering ourselves to become an answer, so that you can work through us to bring comfort and healing to a broken world.

We are all, in our own way, broken vessels. Only you can take the shattered pieces and put them back together. Only you can make the vessel whole and fit to hold the water of life, so that others can drink from it and quench their thirst. Use our brokenness to heal the brokenness of others, and in this process, heal our own brokenness too.

Help us find help in the help we offer and comfort in the comfort we bring, with you guiding us all along the way. Teach us a way of giving that doesn't leave us poorer, but enriches us and makes us grow, which doesn't leave us empty, but fills us with the very things we give. For every gift that comes from you is a perfect gift, one that is not diminished, but increased by sharing, as it flows from your infinite resources of love. Enable us to have access to those resources and to make them available to others through the powerful work of your Holy Spirit in us, and for the sake of your beloved Son Jesus Christ.


Short Prayer for Compassion

Lord, let us never forget that true joy is hidden in compassion. Help us share our wounds and our brokenness with one another. Open our hearts and our minds to the fact that we are all your children and we belong to the same family.  Help us rejoice in our shared humanity and deepen our sense of fellowship together. In the name of your beloved son Jesus. Amen

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