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A Short Prayer of Thanks

Lord, we praise you and thank you for the wind that blows within our soul… the wind of the Holy Spirit carrying your whispers from eternity. For each trial through which we keep our longing for you alive in our hearts. For being and remaining the same, even though our own imperfect eyes often distort your image. For becoming wound to heal our wounds. For not leaving us hungry and frozen in the cold, but warmly inviting us to your dinner table. We thank you, Lord, for, by your living, you sanctified life. By your dying, you conquered death. By your suffering, you gave meaning to suffering. By your loving, you showed us the true measure of love. For becoming a spring of living water in our hearts, so that we no longer have to thirst ever again. For the certain knowledge that you will complete the work you've started in our lives.


The Royal Way

When people hate you and despise you
And distort every word you say,
Don’t fight or curse them, don’t get even,
Forgiveness is the royal way.

When burdens are too hard to bear
And pain knocks down your house of clay,
Don’t moan, don’t give in to despair,
Endurance is the royal way.

When you see suffering and fear,
When others turn their face away,
Tend to the wounds and wipe the tears,
Compassion is the royal way.

And whether you meet kings or beggars,
Great saints or sinners gone astray,
Serve all as if they were your brothers,
Humility’s the royal way.

Whatever this world has to offer,
And in your journey come what may,
You’ll conquer all if you remember
That Jesus walked the royal way.

Don’t Let Your Love Grow Cold

When conflict’s in the air
And hatred rules the world,
When no one seems to care,
Don’t let your love grow cold.

When people curse and scream
And tragedies unfold,
When hope seems just a dream,
Don’t let your love grow cold.

When clouds darken the sky
And evil calls good old,
When everyone cries “why?”,
Don’t let your love grow cold.

When faith crumbles like glass
Remember we’ve been told
These things will have to pass,
Don’t let your love grow cold.

And even if they tell you
There is no God above,
Cling to your highest value.
Fear not and choose to love.

Our Greatest Treasure

You taught us not to be afraid,
And what great strength we found in you!
Today, when all things have been said,
Your words are still so deeply true.

You promised you would be with us
And never let us walk alone.
Now, when two thousand years have passed,
Your faithful promises still hold.

For us you prayed, you cried, you died
Though mercy was your only crime,
Now, after all things have been tried,
Your love still stands the test of time.

Kingdoms and rulers come and go,
And nation rises against nation,
But when most things have said their ‘no’,
Your ‘yes’ is still our sweet salvation.

The world is older, but no wiser,
As we move closer to the end,
But when we seek you in our trial
Today, as always, you’re our friend.

Today we fly across the sky
And we invent the world anew,
But when it’s time to say goodbye,
We still have no one left but you.

We dream and learn, and go astray,
We gather riches beyond measure,
But when all things have had their say,
You still remain our greatest treasure.

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