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Mathematical Prayer

A mathematical prayer is a prayer that uses mathematical terms and formulas. When we think that God is the creator of the universe and of everything in it, it is easy to assume that He also created the principles of the science we call today Mathematics. Ever since the beginning, He added, subtracted, multiplied and divided, and I'm sure He even used advanced Mathematics formulas in His work of creaction. So there is no doubt He can understand a mathematical prayer.

Mathematicians might find it easier to pray using mathematical terms, because it is their familiar ground. Everyone who likes Maths can experiment with it. Maybe there are things that can be said easier in a mathematical prayer than in just simple words. Mathematics is an exact science, it has strict rules. 1 + 1 = 2. There are rules we follow in our Christian life, too.

The question is: can a mathematical prayer express human feelings such as love, gratitude, worry or fear? A mathematician would probably answer: if you are good enough at it, it can. And he might be right. For the rest of us, the non-academic lot, it is probably better to stick with the old words.

A Simple Mathematical Prayer

Lord God∞, fill our hearts with Faith + Hope + Love.

Help us forgive 70 * 7 times a day.

Let us live our life – (Sins + Doubts + Fears).

Remind us every day that God = Love & Your Will = Love / All

I + He + She = Your Children

Make our Faith > doubts, our Hope > Dispair, our Love > (Hatred + Resentments).

Never let us forget, God, that You = [(Power + Mercy + Wisdom) / (Me + He + She)]*Love∞


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