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Prayer for the Restless

My Lord, you know the pain and the torment of every heart, have mercy on those who seek you without knowing it and long for you without realizing.

Stretch out your hand and invite them to your dinner. Show them how close you are to them and how easily they can find you if they open their hearts.

Fill them with your peace and love. Comfort their troubled souls and heal their hidden wounds.

Show them how to love you, so that they can find the strength to love themselves and their neighbours.

Don't let any of them be lost, but go looking for them like the good shepherd and bring them home.

Carry them in your arms, comfort them and make them feel your blessings every day.

Bring them from darkness to light, from the cold endless searches to the warm certainty of hope-giving faith.


1 comment:

Mack said...

'Prayer for the Restless' is such a beautiful heart-cry! Yes, beloved ones, God WILL have Mercy upon those who seek Him without knowing it! Yes! He WILL not let any of them [continue to] be lost!But, WILL surely look for them [seek them out] like the Good Shepherd He is, and 'bring them home!'

The Message of the Mercy Rose follows: 'I WILL have Mercy! I Who AM the Lord of Life, desire not sacrifice, my friend. No sacrifice of life or limb! No sacrifice of mind or heart. Nor of eternal human soul! -- From anyone! I'll forfeit no one of 'My own.' For the 'lost' ones all belong to Me! And I'LL NOT REST till I've set free, each and every one to be, a Messenger of Love, like Me!' Rest in peace, God WILL prevail! Mack

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