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Prayer for Worry and Anxiety

Dear Lord, my worries overwhelm me and their burden presses hard on my shoulders. The future seems clouded in uncertainty and any attempt to predict it fills my heart with painful anxiety. But you know all these things, Father. You hold the strings of my life. That’s why I turn to you and I place my present and my future in your hands. Take the burden of my worries off my shoulders and renew your love in me.

You have taken care of me so far and you have protected me from all devastating evil. You’ve fulfilled my needs and comforted me in every pain and trial. Today I put before me the words of your Son, Jesus Christ, who told us not to worry, for nothing happens on earth or in heaven without your knowledge and your will. Let me never forget this lesson and live my life in accordance with it.

When I look at my past with the eyes of the present, I realize how much suffering I would have been spared of, had I listened to these words and followed your advice. I know it is too late to change what has already been but, starting from this moment, I choose to put everything in your hands and live as you want me to – in faith, hope and love.

I know that sometimes I will be tempted to fall back to my old ways and the spirit of fear, worry and anxiety will try to take possession of my soul once more. In those moments of grievous temptations, remind me I am yours and bring me back to you. Never let me forget that I am a new man in Christ, that in him my soul has peace and salvation - heavenly treasures that nothing and nobody can take away from me. Help me to live my life in the light of this truth and never let anything separate me from your love.



Anonymous said...

I think that that is a very good prare because I know it will help me with all of my worries. It is also the only prare I have hered about worries.

Mirna said...

This prayer is a reassurance that our Lord will never abandoned his children glory to God.He is with us at all times trust in him for i have seen how he has change me

Anonymous said...

This prayer gives me peace and hope thru a very troubled time in my life. god bless..

Anonymous said...

very good because it is grounded in the message from our risen jesus.

Eric Hillis said...

This prayer is a great reminder that God will never leave us or forsake us

lee woo said...

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Lianna said...

A beautiful prayer! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this prayer. It eases my worries and gives me hope.

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