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Prayer Against Fear

Dear Lord, 

I bring before you today my individual fears - conscious and unconscious, rational and irrational - as well as the fears of an entire human race. I confess that it is often because of this fear in me that I have fallen into sin by doing, saying and thinking what was wrong in your eyes, by being selfish when I could have helped others and trying to avoid suffering at all costs. 

I bring before you fear in its many forms, both in me and in others, purge it and heal the souls that are mutilated by it. I am aware we live in an uncertain world where fear runs out of control and it can lead to all kinds of evil. I pray that you save us from this great emotional plague and strengthen us as you strengthened your people all throughout the ages. 

You know us inside out. You know our deepest secrets and our most hidden motivations and what a great role fear plays in the way we live our life. Release us from its grips, so that we can worship you and serve our neighbour with a pure, undivided heart. Let our need to help others be greater than the need to protect ourselves and our longing for your kingdom greater than our desire for comfort. 

We rely solely on you, for this is something we cannot achieve on our own. But we ask you to do it by the power of your Holy Spirit who works in us and for the sake of your Son Jesus Christ who, all throughout his life and even in death, has trampled fear under foot and showed us a new way to live. 


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