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My Lord, though you’re so far away, you are so close. You can’t be contained by eternity but you descend into our small forgotten cottage over and over again. Come and dine with us. We haven’t got too much to give you, we are poor and have no rich meals, the daily bread is bitter with so many tears, but come anyway, o, Lord, come to the most humble of your children. Come and light our lonely winter evenings just like a candle burning in the window, touch the silence that consumes us late at night and turn it into a song. Decorate our Christmas tree with miracles and mysteries and sift the snow of Hope over our souls. Sing to us carols about the baby born in a manger of Bethlehem. Show us there are much more things than we let inside our tiny world. Open the windows of our soul, so that we can let in the breeze of Hope, Faith and Love. Keep our frozen hands warm, so that we learn to keep our brothers and sisters warm. Light our path, so that we can become light to others. Plant the seed of eternity inside our hearts, so that we have no limits in doing good. Open the gates of everlastingness, so that we can cherish every passing moment and make it work for your glory. Show us how good and holy you are, so that we can long for goodness and holiness. Reach out to us, so that we understand that reaching out to people makes a difference. Turn our whole being into a temple of your love, turn our life into a flame flickering in the dark. Let every footprint of ours tell a story, witnessing about your miracles. And when this road finally comes to an end, when Time closes his eyes and goes to sleep like a tired old man, let us pass away as smoothly as a sleigh running down the snow, as a river running into the sea, as a bird flying home to its nest.


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