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Prayer to Be Part of God's Plan

My Lord,

Help me understand that I need you every day, that my life is a mess without your guidance and your love. So many times I have gone astray, so many times I have been on the point of falling, so many times I have been driven away from you by my vain ambitions and desires. You saved me every time, you rescued me in the last moment, when I thought hope was gone. You were there for me even when I didn't deserve it. Words are too pale and too weak to express my gratitude. Look inside my heart to my unspoken thanks, to the silent song of praise inside my soul.

This world is sometimes a huge and scary place. But it is not so for your children. The orphans of this world find comfort in your fatherly arms, the sick and the vulnerable find strength beyond any human law, the lonely and the depressed find a new meaning in their life.

You give us all comfort and shelter. Even when our life seems in ruin, you make us bear fruit and bring your light into the world. Sometimes we don't quite see where we are, because our senses are limited, but you know exactly the course of our lives and you bring us where you want us to be, where we really belong.

Forgive me for doubting you sometimes. Forgive me for judging what I can't understand. I am a limited human being, I can see only this here and now, but you can see everything. The past and the future are always under your eyes and you know the cause and the effect. Everything happens for a reason. Help me trust you completely and put my heart and my life in your arms. Help me embrace your will for me, even if I don't understand it at the moment. Help me become a part of your great plan of bringing light and comfort into this tired and desperate world. For you are the king of the universe and the God of love, and we are all your children.


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Marissa said...

I just want to thank you for this prayer you posted. I have been trying to put into words the feelings and emotions that you wrote about. Thanks to you I can now pray this prayer and get out the emotions that have been blanketed inside of me! You are an angel and I am forever grateful!
Thank you and God Bless!


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