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10 Facts That Can Increase Your Self-Esteem

Some of these statements might sound a bit philosophical but at a closer look, you’ll find they are very real. Life is a fascinating journey and the ultimate goal of any journey is learning and gaining experience. Don’t let your negative feelings keep you away from contemplating the great spectacle of life.

1. You are unique in history. There wasn’t and there’s never going to be another you. You are as unique as any great figure humanity has ever boasted with.

2. You are beautiful. People often used the wrong criteria to judge beauty. They are influenced by mass media and tend to forget what beauty is all about. Despite their many mistakes and failures, people are beautiful. Humanity is a strange race, fascinating in its fragility and you are part of it.

3. Everything you do is important. If you feel you haven’t achieved enough in your life, remember the butterfly effect. You will never know what you really achieved in the grand scheme of things and how much your most insignificant action has changed the world.

4. You are a survivor. You came into this world as a helpless baby, you struggled through the first confusing years, with so much to learn, so much to overcome. Yet you survived through all the struggles. And here you are now, reading this article on the Internet, which is more than many people can say.

5. You can read. We tend to take some things for granted and the ability to read and write is definitely one of them. You are intelligent enough to look at some weird signs that mean nothing in themselves and see a whole world of concepts and ideas. In some ages, that would have turned you into a symbol of wisdom, one of the few chosen ones.

6. You are complex. Everything you’ve ever heard, seen or felt, all the experiences you’ve been through are recorded by your brain. You are like a huge computer loaded with lots of information. Most often you are not even aware of it. But if you saw yourself from the outside and realized how complex you are, you would say a big “wow”.

7. You are rich. Think of a person you love dearly. Now think of three things you could give that person to make him or her happy. If you have found three things to give, you are very rich. If you have found only one, you are still richer than you think. Even if you can’t think of anything to give, the very fact that you thought about a person you love makes you rich, because you possess the most precious treasure a being can have - the capacity to love.

8. You are more. No matter how well you think you know yourself, there will be always things you are unaware of as far as your body, mind and soul are concerned. And as long as you don’t have the whole picture, you can’t judge yourself. It’s like judging someone you don’t know. Have confidence in the parts of yourself you haven’t discovered yet. There’s still so much to explore. One day you might be surprised.

9. You have patience. If you've got this far and haven’t abandoned this article yet, you are more patient than you think.

10. If you can understand and relate to these facts, you’ve got something else to be proud of: you have the ability to see beyond the obvious and to put things in perspective. Opening your eyes doesn’t mean only looking around, but also looking up and down, above, below, beneath and beyond.

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Anonymous said...

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