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The Quiet Change

What is beyond this life? What is the meaning of existence? Is death a gate to another dimension?

With every day that passes by, I become more and more convinced that we'll find out the truth in the end. This life wouldn't make much sense otherwise. In one way or another, in one form or another, we must find out the answers we've been chasing for a lifetime. There are secrets that shall be told and mysteries that shall be revealed. Everything in this universe has a meaning. Although the logic seems strange sometimes, it is there, it proves there is a huge brain behind it all, coordinating every possible aspect of existence.

The sound of rain, the trembling of the grass, the stars on the summer sky, they all tell a story... They all seem to know more than we do. And - from what we know - they don't ask questions. It seems like we are the only creatures in this universe that ask questions and for this reason the only ones who don't get an answer. Maybe the answer will come only when we stop asking the questions.

I wish I could describe the feeling that some day we shall know. It is a steady certainty that grows within me like a tree, with its roots pushing deep into the ground, stronger and stronger every day. I look around me and everything seems to bear a new meaning. New dawns are born, new mornings arise, glorious and true. The night of the world is coming to an end. The scarlet curtain stands ready to be torn.

I have dreams about the end of the world and the beginning of a new era. I have visions about things turning into something else or becoming more than they are. I am lost in a labyrinth of feelings and sensations I can't control. They are coming from within and make me see the world in another light. They are a part of me and yet so alien, as if coming from another dimension.

Every morning I wake up, I look around and say: "one day..." That day is not far off. My heart is full of joy and my soul dances like the flame of the candle in the dark. There are things I cannot see but my soul can. I learned to listen to all the voices, to all the echoes. I am not scared anymore. Life is not about fear. Death is far beyond our pale emotions.

One day I'll close my eyes and go with the flow. I can already feel the change occurring in me. Death begins with life. Death is just another word for change. The ultimate change…

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