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The Importance Of Developing A Flexible Mind

Why it is important to develop a flexible mind and how you can attain this goal by aiming towards spiritual maturity.

If there's one thing life has taught me, it's that we have a lot to learn from the elastic: the more flexible you are, the less chances you have to break. When you can stretch and bend, you are more likely to resist the shocks than when you are rigid. Flexibility is one of the most important human qualities and one of the basic keywords for survival. It is what we call in common terms the power to adapt to the unexpected and adverse circumstances. Life is full of challenges that we cannot meet with a rigid heart and mind.

Some people have a natural inclination to being flexible. Without a doubt, they are the lucky ones. Others struggle to learn it after they’ve realized how important it is. And there is a third category of people who never learn and never understand. The second category deserves our admiration the most. These are often people who have to fight their natural drives and tendencies and engage in a constant battle with the self. The battle wears them out for a while but they come out stronger and spiritually enriched.

Even if nature hasn’t blessed you with a flexible mind, you can still develop it as you reach spiritual maturity. The ability to achieve spiritual growth is man's weapon against pure instinct and a way to silence the 'call of the wild' coming from within. Animals have the power to adapt, too. They possess instincts that can help them survive in a tough and unfriendly environment. But it is only man who can achieve this goal by exploring new realms of the spirit and new dimensions of the thought. It is only man who can pass beyond his tiny world of 'here and now' into the vast universe of unexplored possibilities and mysteries untold. Man is the only animal who realizes it is an animal and longs to be more.

You may ask: what does all this have to do with flexibility? The answer is: a lot. The more spiritually mature you are, the more flexible you become because your world becomes larger and larger. Life does no longer feel like a tight collar against your neck. You are no longer threatened by the dangerous and the unexpected, because your whole perspective on them has changed. There is no dangerous and no unexpected, only experiences that can make you stronger by taking you one step further on your journey to the ultimate reality.

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