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Prayer for the Sick

Lord God, our light and our hope, to you we run when our body and our soul hurts, for you are our doctor and our healer, and the comforter of those in heavy grief. You know the depths of our being and with a single word you can heal us. 

Have mercy, Lord, on those afflicted by illness and infirmity, on those who cannot live their life with joy because of the evil in the flesh that's tearing them like a worm day and night. Examine each of them and pour your blessings out of your never-ending spring of love. 

Heal them and alleviate their suffering. Open a gate for them, so that they can enjoy the life they have received as a gift. Show them how great you are, as you have shown Job, so that their hearts can soar with joy, and they can find a new purpose and a new meaning. 

Hold them by the hand every moment of their journey and when the pain is too strong, carry them in your arms as a shepherd carries a sick lamb. Give them the faith to move mountains, so that, by their faith, they can be healed and saved. 

Lord, do not forget thy sick. Bring to them the people they need, so that they are never short of support in their misery. Teach them to love and to offer help and support even when they themselves need them, thus discovering the way of wisdom and love. 

Give them the power to fulfill their dreams or to shape new dreams in spite of their pain. Teach them to rise above the circumstances and, through faith and spiritual strength, with the support of your love, to come out victorious in the struggle with disease and suffering.

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