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Thanks Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for helping us to keep the fire of faith alive in this world of trouble and change. Thank you for giving us something to cling to when everything else seems to fall apart. For giving us a meaning in a world that’s constantly looking for a meaning. Our fragility as human beings makes us ask questions and make suppositions that sometimes seem absurd and ridiculous. There are people who doubt the very fact that we exist. There are questions constantly arising: are we a body? Are we a soul? Are we an evolved animal with conscience? Are we our brain, our memories? What’s the beginning and what’s the end? We have come so far. The human race has reached incredible realms of intelligence and power. But we are still small and frightened… and so breakable. The history of mankind is a deep night where people are struggling to find a light. Thank you for giving us a light. For being our light. For helping us discover our own inner strength.

Once I heard a psychiatrist saying that the essential and predominant feature of our race, the very engine that makes us do all the things we do is fear. All our acts are based on fear. Fear of getting old. Fear of becoming ill. Fear of being alone. Fear of losing the ones we love. Fear of dying. Thank you for showing us a love beyond fear. The love that conquers all fear cause it is perfect in itself. Thank you for giving us the chance to rise above fear and bring forth what’s the best in us. And yes, we are frightened, we do feel lonely and fragile and vulnerable sometimes, but we know we have a father and a friend. We are not orphans in this world. We can always come to you for help and comfort.

There are people who say faith is a sign of weakness. That it is all about relying on somebody else. About ignoring the truth. I would answer them with a quote from Dostoyevsky’s Brothers Karamazov: “If any one could prove to me that Christ is outside the truth, and if the truth really did exclude Christ, I should prefer to stay with Christ and not with the truth.”

Thank you for being the truth. And may your name be praised for all eternity.


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