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Prayer for the Lost

I pray for all those who bear the burden of low self-esteem. For them who haven’t learned to love themselves yet because they’ve never learned to love you. For them who are still groping for a meaning and for them who have come to the conclusion that life has no meaning. For them who engage in immoral and destructive activities because of their lack of purpose and direction. For them who perceive life as a never-ending string of problems and constant struggles. For them who are facing mental problems, depression, drug-addiction and all the other things on the black list.
For them we usually point the finger at. For them we regard as the “sinners” of this world. For them we despise or pity, or judge, or simply ignore.
Let them come to know you. Be kind to them. Don’t give up on them because of their ways, but, just like the good shepherd, seek and find them and bring them home. Show them the power of the light. Break the chains that keep them prisoners and set them free. You know each and every one of them. You know that some have got incredible resources for the good. Touch them with your mercy. Change them with your love. Let them work for you. Turn their weakness into strength. Don’t let any of them be lost. For you came into this world to heal and to save, to bring hope where there was no hope and love where there was no love.
I also pray for those who feel they have the right to judge others. Show them how wrong they are. Show them that by doing that they prove worse than the ones they judge. Teach them to be humble. To follow your example. To comfort rather than throw the stone, to build rather than destroy. To see the good rather than the evil in every human being.


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