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Lord God,

Right this moment you can be here, with every one of us, sharing our lonely journey. You designed us to be only one place at a time, but you can be everywhere. To you the past and the future are like an open book. You can see what’s going on inside our bodies and inside our minds. You can read our thoughts and listen to our silent prayers. You know the beginning and the end, the cause and the effect. You can influence the course of the events and change our lives forever. You can lead us to the path you have chosen for us. You have the power to heal, to restore, to renew. To find the lost and save them. None of these things is impossible or too difficult for you.

Search our hearts, our minds and our bodies. We all need to be healed. We all have illnesses and weaknesses, we all have doubts, we all need a push once in a while and a lot of encouragement to go on. I pray for this moment. For this “here” and “now” and for all those who have the privilege of sharing them. Make a miracle. Bring comfort. Bring a touch of hope, a whisper of faith, a glimpse of love. Plant the seed and help it grow. Here and now. For each and every one of us. Make me one with all the people who are praying right now, so that we all can become a great force piercing the sky and making its way to your throne of glory. I pray for everyone who’s reading this and decides to join me in prayer. Let us all pray together.

Lord God, you are our father. Don’t leave your children alone in the dark. Change our lives. Change our hearts. Save us from the troubles and torments this life brings about. Save us from getting drowned in trivial things. Save us from our demons, from our own weaknesses. From our instincts and our selfishness. Fill our hearts with honesty and our eyes with humble tears of repentance, so that our soul can be renewed and we can become people after your own heart. Bring the lost sheep home. Let us share the privilege of joining you at the last supper. Let us be transformed by the bread and the wine. Without you we are prisoners in a world we don’t understand, in a body that keeps betraying us. Set us free. Show us the meaning and give us a purpose in life. Here and now. Forever and ever.


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