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Prayer For Protection

When I feel lonely in the night, I imagine your arms holding me and your voice giving me comfort. When all my friends abandon me, I can still feel your presence in every whisper of hope, in every breeze of faith that touches my soul. When life seems to make no sense, I can still hear your call, urging me to seek you again in prayer. When my heart seems empty, I can still recall every single miracle you’ve made for me. When I feel down, I still know you can lift me up. And it’s nothing I haven’t expected. All those moments when everything seems like a nightmare are not unpredictable. They can’t cause too much harm, because I am aware they will come sooner or later and I can pray for them in advance. I pray, oh, my dear Lord, for all those moments in the future when I feel lonely in the night, when all my friends abandon me, when life seems to make no sense, when my heart is empty… when I feel down and everything seems like a nightmare. Those are the moments when I need you most, when I most long for your loving presence. Stay with me in those moments. Give me strength and comfort. Hold my hand through the storm, so that my soul can praise you when the rainbow appears on the horizon. Never go away from me when my faith is weak, when my feet are stumbling on the way. Never go away from anyone in their moments of weakness, but turn their weakness into strength and their failure into victory.


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