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Show Me the Meaning of Suffering

My Lord, my Redeemer, help me find a meaning in my suffering, in the hardships and the humiliations I’m facing. Make my life and my being part of your divine plan. Give me the strength to see beyond this “here” and “now”. Show me a glimpse of what we cannot know, let me find the answers I’m looking for. Speak to me like you spoke to Job at the end of his suffering. Reach out to me and scatter the darkness that surrounds me. Open my eyes, so that I can see your love in everything. Open my ears, so that I can hear your voice in everything. Teach me to be strong in times of weakness. To carry forward the message of faith, hope and love. When my heart is breaking, touch it with your healing touch and make it whole again. Your mercy is endless. Your greatness is beyond compare. You can turn wrong into right and darkness into light. You can make me strong by the very things that make me weak. Change my heart. Let me be a messenger of your love here on Earth. Where there is bitterness, pour your sweet love, where there is illness and death, pour your living water. Where there is despair, pour your hope. There are so many times when I feel like a prisoner in my own body, in a world that defies my understanding. Teach me that there is more than eyes can see, that the truth is comforting and redeeming. Set me free by your truth. Let my heart see your glory, so that I can never feel like a prisoner again.

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